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USA, 1957, 103 min

Shown in 1995


Stanley Donen
Roger Edens
Leonard Gershe
Ray June, John P. Fulton
Frank Bracht
Fred Astaire, Audrey Hepburn, Kay Thompson


Stanley Donen appeared in person to receive the Akira Kurosawa Award.
Funny Face

Funny Face is a loving tribute to the work of photography, fashion, magazines and glamor (it is also Donen’s first Paris film). A top fashion photographer, Dick Avery (Fred Astaire) and his editor (Kay Thompson) go hunting for a new face (Avery is a version of Richard Avedon, who consulted on the movie). That face turns out to be one of the film’s most heartfelt images—it belongs to Audrey Hepburn. So “funny face” becomes the new look and the film bears witness to one of the most beguiling of all May-September romances. Most of the songs are by George and Ira Gershwin (the film comes from their unproduced 1927 Broadway show): “Funny Face,” “How Long Has This Been Going On?,” “’S Wonderful,” “He Loves and She Loves.” Because the movie was done at Paramount, it had that studio’s cooler color, photography by Ray June and clothes by Edith Head—significant factors in the very sophisticated look of the movie. Audrey proved she could sing; Astaire was never more tender or human; Kay Thompson (“Think Pink”) was a heady mix of Eloise and Diana Vreeland; and there is a sublime confidence that American philosophies (True Love and great clothes) will beat back things like Existentialism any day.

—David Thomson