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France, 1975, 93 min

Shown in 1976


Jerome Laperrousaz
Jerome Laperrousaz, A. Ruellan, G. Laperrousaz
Jimmy Glassberg
Terence Stamp, Jeanne Moreau, Agnès Stevenin, Frederik van Pallandt, Frank Schwake


prod co
Romantique Films
Romantique Films

This science-fiction reworking of the Orpheus myth is a gorgeously photographed film of striking originality. Terence Stamp stars as an actor in some future time who has been chosen to be the first time traveler. Jeanne Moreau plays his former mistress, who convinces him to participate in the necessary televised Safari of Fear before the journey through time. A means has been devised to harness the emotional energy of spectators, and a worldwide audience must witness his trials by water, earth, air and fire before the time travel can be effected. But things go wrong with the plans, presenting him with an opportunity never before possible. Twenty-seven-year-old director Jerome Laperrousaz (who plays a cameo role in Jeanna Moreau’s Lumière) fills this visual feast with music and motion, in an impressive debut as a feature filmmaker.