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Jíai pas sommeil

France / Switzerland, 1993, 110 min

Shown in 1995


Claire Denis
Bruno Pesery, Fabianne Vodier, Ruth Waldburger
Claire Denis, Jean-Pol Fargeau
Agnes Godard
Nelly Quettier
Richard Courcet, Katerina Golubeva, Beatrice Dalle, Line Renaud


Claire Denis in person.
I Canít Sleep

Loosely basing her film on "granny killers" Thierry Paulin and Jean-Thierry Mathurin, who murdered a series of elderly Parisian ladies in late 1980s in Paris, Claire Denis has created a deeply disturbing account of urban alienation. While revolving around the murderous exploits of Camille, a drag-nightclub performer and Raphael, his accomplice/lover, I Canít Sleep also follows the lives of two other characters: Camilleís brother Theo, an aspiring musician who is in the process of separating from his wife and trying to return to Martinique with his young son; and DaÔga, who has just arrived from Lithuania in a battered Russian car. DaÔga ends up working as a chambermaid in the same third-rate hotel where Camille and his lover have a room and, unable to fully assimilate into the Parisian mainstream, becomes fascinated with Camille. Coolly refusing to adopt a moral stance, the film radically departs from its sensationalist origins. Even the murder scenesóclinically relayed in real timeógo straight against the grain of this genre, becoming almost incidental to the larger story. I Canít Sleep is a haunting film about being an outsider in contemporary Paris, where cultures, ethnicities and lifestyles clash and disperse.

óLisanne Skyler