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Serbo-Croatia, 1962, 130 min

Shown in 1963


Veljko Bulajic
Ratko Djurovic, Stevan Bulajic, Veljko Bulajic
Alexander Sekulovic
Bert Sotlar, Olivera Markovic, Bata Zivojinovic, Milena Dravic, Davor Antolic


prod co
Bosna Film
Bosna Film


Veljko Bulajic, Davor Antolic in person.

All wars are alike. They may differ in intensity, purpose and numbers killed, but the fact remains that many are killed because they believe in a freedom they must fight to keep. In wars there is always a unique group of fighters known as Partisans. These are not soldiers, but rather, citizens fighting on their own for that which they believe is right. The Second World War was not without its Partisans. They could be found in every European country. Kozara is the story of the Partisans of Yugoslavia fighting to defend their “free territory” on Kozara Mountain. In 1942 Hitler ordered that “all necessary steps be taken to complete the destruction of the communist rebels of Kozara Mountain.” Over 60,000 German soldiers were dispatched to capture the mountain territory that was being defended by 3,500 Partisans. Night and day the Partisan platoons resisted troops three times stronger than themselves as the German ring rounding up the mountain began to get tighter and tighter. Every minute their destiny was becoming more and more uncertain. Kozara is a picture about the greatest battle in Yugoslavia and is the most lavish war spectacle ever filmed in that country.