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Zena s krajolikom

Yugoslavia, 1989, 72 min

Shown in 1991


Ivica Matic
Ivica Matic
Karpo Acimovic Godina
Stole Arandelovic, Bozidarka Frajt, Uros Kravljaca, Zaim Muzzferija


Centar Film
Landscape with a Woman

Inspired throughout by naive-style painting, this is an intensely beautiful portrait of the artist as a natural-born agitator. The artist in question is a newly arrived forester in a remote Bosnian community; paintings line his cabin walls, painting filters all he sees, a naked woman or a naked tree. But for this village, obsessed with its own survival, where people must buy their place in nature, where "all the bulls but one have been castrated," the combination of aesthetic aloofness and artless masculinity in a government functionary is a multi-faceted threat. The forester, whose love affair is with nature itself and who desires to leave a trace of himself more permanent even than nature, reminds one of the woodcutter in Mitsuo Yanagimachi's Fire Festival, as much as of the artist in Eldar Chengelya's Pirosami. The first and only film directed by experimental-film producer Ivica Matic (1948-1976), completed several years after his death, is brilliantly reflexive—a "landscape with an artist" painted on film with indelicately humorous observation of detail, stunning compositions and a provocative play of sound and image. Emir Kusterica (When Father Was Away on Business) said: "I feel as though my own death would be easier to bear if a copy of Landscape with a Woman were buried with me."

—Judy Bloch