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Ghana , 125 min

Shown in 1981


Kwaw Ansah
Kwaw Ansah
Chris Tsui Hesse
Reginald Tsiboe, Anima Misa, George Wilson, Tony Palmer, Junoke Debayo


Print was a no-show.

A new African director, Kwaw Ansah, has won praise at the recent New Directors presentations in Lincoln Center, New York, and also during the Moscow Film Festival where this, his debut film, created an artistic furor. Love Brewed... in the African Pot is a richly detailed survey of class snobbery and the family and social pressures brought to bear upon a young couple in a small Ghanaian community. Aba, the girl, has been educated in a private school and trained as a dressmaker. When she returns home, her father is extremely proud of his beautiful daughter and plans to marry her to the son of an influential politician. However, she prefers to have her consent and freedom of choice. He is dismayed when Aba prefers to marry Joe Quansah, a handsome, carefree auto mechanic, the son of a poor fisherman. It is the story of Aba and Joe that becomes the central focus of the film, and director Ansah is never contented to allow the spectator to believe that his story is going to be the usual love match. The film is deceptive, moving leisurely within the confines of gentle domestic comedy, and then switching to severe criticism of the structure and prejudices within Ghanaian society. Finally, outright melodrama, coupled with ancient African beliefs in dream and sorcery, transform the story into a realm totally new and absorbing. The actors, mostly from the world of theater in Accra, are attractive and completely convincing human characters who never fall into caricature. Love Brewed... in the African Pot is the first privately financed Ghanaian feature film and one impatiently waits for more insights into this world and the artistic future of its director.

—Albert Johnson