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Liang Shan Ba yu Zhu Ying Tai

China, 1963, 126 min

Shown in 1963


Li Han-hsiang
Run Run Shaw
Li Han-hsiang
Ho Lan-shan
Betty Loh Tih, Ivy Ling Po, Jen Chieh, Li Kun


prod co
Shaw Brothers


By China, they meant Taiwan.

Run Run Shaw, the producer and movie mogul of the Orient, has been represented in three of the past San Francisco Film Festivals. This year in his fourth appearance, he has captured the quiet beauty of The Love Eterne, a lyrical love ballad of ancient China. China in the fourth century provided the ingredients for The Love Eterne. Love was sacred. Parental rule was law and not to be disobeyed. Rainbows and butterflies swept across the meadows. The gods were compassionate and partial to young girls tragically in love. Devotion was eternal. Thus, down through the centuries, the poets sang to "The Love Eterne." The pastoral Chinese countryside gives the film a deepness of color that is breathtakingly beautiful. The vivid beauty of The Love Eterne moved the judges of the Tenth Asian Film Festival to award it prizes for Best Art Direction and Color Photography. It also won the Best Music and Best Sound Recording awards at the Asian Festival.