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Spain / England, 1984, 78 min

Shown in 1985


Celestino Coronado
Celestino Coronado
Carlos Miranda
Lindsay Kemp, Manuela Vargas, Neil Kaplan

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Celestino Coronado’s Dream is, as football managers are prone to say about a winning goal, pure magic. And that is surely what Shakespeare’s play is really about. Like Coronado’s previous Hamlet, it was made for very little money, but is equipped with a sense of imagination and a spirit of cinematic adventure which transcends such considerations and, strangely enough, often seems to occur when special effects aren’t everything. The musical score, for instance, is delicate and appropriate—one of the film’s most notable pleasures. And the characterizations, though frequently eyebrow raising, are deliciously watchable. You will never have seen a Dream quite like this before and it is an experience which brings at least part of the play intensely alive again. Purists may bridle at the way one is never quite sure who is what sex. But they can’t deny Coronado’s talent, even if they object to his vision. I loved it.

— Derek Malcolm, London Film Festival