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USA, 1963, 81 min

Shown in 1963


Larry Moyer
Larry Moyer
Carlo Fiore, Larry Moyer
Max Glenn
Larry Moyer
Teddy Van, Shel Silverstein
Lionel Stander, Barbara London, Wendy Barrie, Art Smith, Garry Goodrow


prod co
Moyer Productions
gga award
Best Director


Larry Moyer, Garry Goodrow and Barbara London in person.

The Moving Finger, set against a genuine Greenwich Village background was written, directed and produced by Larry Moyer in New York. Using many real-life Village personalities in the large cast, the story revolves around the attempt on the part of a tough young hoodlum to hide from the police after he has killed a man in a bank robbery which netted him $ 90,000. Unable to go far because he is seriously wounded, the murderer manages to keep the money well-hidden while he takes uneasy refuge with a group of beatniks in a basement lodging that defies description for close quarters. Not realizing that his injury will prove fatal, the wounded man clings to the notion he will get away with the money. All the while, those who befriended him—young actresses, dancers, painters, poets—have visions of their own regarding how they will steal from the thief. In the cellar hiding place, where a great variety of Village characters come and go, the hoodlum’s fate is shown in counterpoint to the conniving above in the coffee shop owned by a scheming pseudo-poet. The cast includes some professional actors. Among them are the Committee’s Garry Goodrow, veteran performer Wendy Barrie, Lionel Stander and Art Smith and a beautiful young actress, Barbara London.