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Nicht nichts ohne Dich

West Germany, 1985, 88 min

Shown in 1987


Pia Frankenberg
Pia Frankenberg
Pia Frankenberg
Thomas Mauch
Pia Frankenberg, Klaus Bueb, Ilona Ribowski-Bruwer


Export Film Bischoff and Co.
Noisy Martha

Told in short sweet episodes that, together, make up a narrative, Noisy Martha is a lot like its heroine (played by director Pia Frankenberg): personal, intimate, sincere, bluesy and upbeat at the same time—neurotic in a harmless kind of way—and epitomizing, as it rebels against, the “retreat into the private.” Martha, at 25, is a single mother, a painter, a filmmaker, impulsive, insecure, happy and unhappy. Financially well off through no fault of her own, her biggest problem, as she sees it, is her superficiality—but she’s working on that. Then there is Alfred, a decade older than Martha and all the more lost for it, he always seems to have misplaced something... something he thought he’d taken with him, back in ’68. Martha can’t cut it with men, Alfred likewise with women: they are made for each other. Cinematography in black-and-white, by Thomas Mauch (Aguirre, The Wrath of God), is exquisite and, sometimes, painterly.

—Judy Bloch