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El hombre de papel

Mexico, 1963, 110 min

Shown in 1963


Ismael Rodríguez
Ismael Rodríguez
Ismael Rodríguez
Gabriel Figueroa
Jorge Bustos
Raúl Lavista
Ignacio López Tarso, Alida Valli, Noé Murayama, Columba Domínguez


gga award
Best Actor: Ignacio López Tarso


Ismael Rodríguez in person.

The names Ismael Rodriguez and Gabriel Figueroa are certainly well known to the San Francisco Festival and the International cinema world. In 1961, Animas Trujano, the Mexican entry directed by Rodriguez, won the Golden Gate Award for the Best Picture. Gabriel Figueroa, the Director of Photography, was presented the special Jury Prize for Photography in 1961. He is a many-time prize-winner in the principal film festivals and is considered by many as being the finest cameraman in the world. They are together again in this year’s Mexican offering, The Paper Man, a touching story set in contemporary Mexico City. Told with much humor and insight, it dwells on the loneliness of a mute—a paper-picker who finds that he doesn’t need to buy his way out of a lonely world. In fact, a windfall of a 10,000-peso note only serves to disillusion him about the real value of money. The Film Festival is proud to announce that for the first time four previous Golden Gate Award winners will be appearing in the same film—The Paper Man. Ignacio Lopez Tarso, who won the Best Actor Award for Macario, the 1960 Mexican entry, plays the mute paper man. He is supported by Noe Murayama, who won the 1962 Best Supporting Actor Award for Tlayucan. Alida Valli, an Italian actress, introduces herself in the Mexican cinematography with her role as the prostitute in this most simple and strange story.