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Bakha Satang

South Korea, 2000, 129 min

Shown in 2001


Lee Chang-dong
Myung Kaynam, Makoto Ueda
Lee Chang-dong
Kim Hyung-koo
Kim Hyun
Lee Jae-jin
Sol Kyung-gu, Moon So-ri, Kim Yeo-jin


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Lee Chang-dong in person.
Peppermint Candy

Peppermint Candy begins at a reunion picnic of old friends, under a railroad bridge on the banks of a river. A strange, disturbed man stumbles into the party and is recognized as Yongho, a long-lost member of the group. As his old pals look on in horror, Yongho screams, “I’m going back!” and steps in front of an oncoming train. And then we rewind, as Yongho’s life unfolds backward in time, reversing through 20 years of a life both harrowing and ordinary—backward through a failed business and marriage, his years as a vicious cop and scared soldier, backward to sweet, dreamy youth and a world of promise. Writer/director Lee Chang-dong, who dazzled us with his debut film Green Fish, again proves to be one of Korea’s great new talents with this ingenious and audacious reverse time trip. Everyman Yongho’s troubled journey parallels two decades of Korea’s turbulent history, the beginning of his disillusionment arising during the massacre of student demonstrators in Kwangju in 1980. Anchored by the extraordinary performance of newcomer Sol Kyung-gu as Yongho, Peppermint Candy is a tough but tenderhearted portrait of a lost soul embittered by his society’s worst mistakes and his own bad choices.

—Tod Booth