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Shown in 1967


Michael Papas
Michael Papas
Ian Wilson
Dimitris Andreas, George Kafkaris, Tamara Hincho, Cristos Demetrious, Charlotte Selwyn


prod co
Onyx Film Productions, Ltd.
Janus Films, New York
The Private Right

One of the most promising new Greek directors, Papas has chosen a drama of revenge as the subject matter for his first feature. Minos, the hero, is the leader of a group of rebels who are engaged in guerrilla warfare against the British during the Cyprus uprising. He and his group are betrayed by another Greek, Phantis, a traitor collaborating with the British, and the subsequent battles in mountainous terrain lead to a dispersal and retreat of the guerrilla brigade. Minos is captured and interrogated by the British, but after refusing to talk, he is brutally tortured by Phantis. The vigorous intensity of the frustrating struggles of both men to dominate one another is truly a battle of wills, setting the stage for the major concerns of the entire work. After the independence of Cyprus is declared, Phantis escapes to London, but Minos follows him and begins searching the streets, clubs and restaurants of the Greek community. The Soho nights come alive, faces and sounds of Greeks-in-exile are imagined with realism as one displaced Fury stalks his predestined course through the London traffic. After every war, there must be hundreds of personal epilogues, when one's inescapable memory of betrayal, pain and death must be assuaged by revenge—when the individual feels a private right to play a terrible, deadly god.

—Albert Johnson