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USA, 2006

Shown in 2006


Sue Costabile, Laetitia Sonami


Shown in Scribble, Scrapple, I.C. You, a program of "live cinema" shorts. Sue Costabile and Laetitia Sonami performed live.

Wondrous, intricate and unique, each of the performances in this program belong under the loose rubric of “live cinema”—a term that describes various innovative visual and sonic arts practices, notably “live editing” of visual and sound materials; “live generation” of images and sound (often through computers); and “live composition” of spontaneously generated and ready-made materials. Live cinema is perhaps the most engaging and complex of emerging multimedia. This program offers a rare opportunity to experience several of its pioneering modes, created onstage by three internationally recognized innovators in the field. These short performances are connected by their magical transposition of gestures and objects into projected sounds and images.

I.C. You is a live cinematic thriller based on a script by poet Tom Sleigh about an ice delivery man whose job is to keep America cold. Costabile and Sonami use a suitcase-sized foley stage, photos, drawings, videos, shadow theater and miniature lighting rigs to chronicle his saga.