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La región salvaje

Mexico/Denmark/France/Germany/Norway/Switzerland, 2016, 100 min

Shown in 2017


Amat Escalante
Jaime Romandía, Fernanda de la Peza, Amat Escalante
Amat Escalante, Gibrán Portela
Manuel Alberto Claro
Fernanda de la Peza, Jacob Secher Schulsinger
Martín Escalante, Guro Moe, Lasse Marhaug
Ruth Ramos, Simone Bucio, Jesús Meza


The Untamed, The Match Factory
Domstr. 60
50668 Cologne, Germany

The Untamed

A sensual, erotic, and often bizarre meditation on pleasure and destruction, The Untamed is a cinematic adventure not soon forgotten. Ángel is a difficult man who exerts grim control over his wife Alejandra, while conducting an affair with her brother Fabian. All three of these characters find their lives lacking, whether it be unfulfilling jobs, abusive and adulterous spouses, or challenging economic situations. So when a willowy stranger named Verónica enters their realm and brings them to a remote farmhouse where a creature that can bring otherworldly pleasure resides, the result will transform all of their lives. Taking a grand leap into the fantastical after the brute realism of his celebrated 2013 Heli, Escalante has crafted a uniquely unsettling intersection between sci-fi horror, allegory, and messily dysfunctional domestic drama. Though very different in style, The Untamed acknowledges (literally, in its closing credits) one clear predecessor—the late Andrej Zulawski’s 1981 cult favorite Possession, another portrait of a deteriorating marriage in which love is a many-tentacled thing.