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O amor natural

Netherlands, 1996, 76 min

Shown in 1997


Heddy Honigmann
Pieter van Huystee
Heddy Honigmann
José Guerra
Marc Nolens


Fortuna Films, Prinsengracht 634-A, 1017 KT Amsterdam, Netherlands. FAX: 31-20-638-0149
gga award
Certificate of Merit, The Arts
North American Premiere
O Amor Natural

Brazilians seem to celebrate carnality and poetry without a trace of the shame felt by other more puritanical cultures. The two become intertwined in this luscious documentary and in the book of the same name which is the wellspring for the film. Carlos Drummond de Andrade was a beloved and respected Brazilian poet and gentleman whose life spanned nearly the entire 20th century. He never intended his erotic poems to be made public, but the posthumously published O Amor Natural has proved to be near to the hearts (and other parts) of all Brazilians who happen upon it. At first, director Heddy Honigmann’s idea of having older, even ancient, Brazilians of all socioeconomic backgrounds recite Drummond’s extremely explicit verses on camera seems like a slightly perverse joke; but we soon realize that Drummond’s poetry, like that of the better-known Pablo Neruda, expresses the true language and innermost feelings of his people. As she proved with Metal and Melancholy (SFIFF 1994), Honigmann has a startling ability to probe the most intimate emotions. Wickedly funny, but also warm and moving (not to mention hot, hot, hot!), this movie is a must-see for anyone who loves sex, life and the Brazilian way.

—Toni Hanna